Spray in Bedliner – Do It Yourself Tutorial

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You’Ve made a major investment in your truck. Why let cargo the elements rust and corrosion ruin it. Medallion refinish system has developed another innovative process to protect your truck bed. This durable bed liner coating will provide years of protection against corrosion salt and rust and will also help in deadening, sounds and vibration when fully cured medallions bed liner coating is resistant to impact and abrasions and provides excellent UV protection. Go from this to this. In as little as five steps, let’s get started with the process, medallion refinish system always recommends the use of proper safety practices and equipment. When any chemical product is used, these products should always be applied in properly ventilated areas. Here are the products you’ll need for step. 1 medallions mrs.six 12 water-based pre, clean RS, 805 pump and clean spray, applicator rs 539 pre clean aerosol for areas heavily contaminated with oil and grease chemical resistant, gloves, safety, glasses and a good supply of wiping towels start by removing any loose debris with an air hose At low pressure, apply rs 539 wax and grease remover to the areas that have heavy grease and oil buildup allow the rs 539 to dissolve the build-up area and wipe with a clean dry cloth. Next, pour the mrs.six 12 water-based pre clean solution into the rs 805 pump and clean spray applicator pump, the RS 805 applicator until sufficiently charged spray medallions, mrs.six 12 water-based pre clean and wipe with a clean cloth wipe the surface until it is completely dry and repeated Until you have the truck bed completely clean here are the products you’ll need for step 2 of the process. Step two involves scuffing the truck bed to allow for proper adhesion. This procedure can be achieved in three different ways: one the use of an RS 924 general purpose, maroon pad to scuff the painted surface on the truck bed to the use of dual action. Sander with medallions 180 grit sanding discs, three medallions nylon, scuff brush mounted on a variable speed buffer scuff the truck bed thoroughly using your preferred method, including all cracks and crevices, take care to make sure that all rough spots have been properly prepped. This will allow for proper adhesion of the bedliner material to the surface step 3. Remove all dust, another related debris from the truck bed. Once again, this step is critical, remove any dust or other contaminants that may interfere with the proper adhesion of the bedliner material medallions. Mrs 7,000 and mrs 7,001 bedliner material have excellent adhesion to bare metal, but for optimum corrosion protection you may want to apply our s510 universal 1k self-etching primer to bare metal areas. Here are the products that you’ll need for step. 4 medallions MP, 400 cling plastic, three-quarter inch and two-inch masking tape and a masking machine. Removing the tailgate of the truck is optional for better coverage. If needed, we recommend covering the cab of the truck with MP, 400 clean plastic, masking the side rails and any vulnerable areas that may be susceptible to overspray. Here are the products needed for step 5 medallions, mr as 7000 bed, liner, black or medallions mrs 7001? Bed? Liner tin table 4 colors other than black mrs 7008 bed, liner, activator slow used for high temperatures or mrs 7007 bed, liner activator normal used for moderate temperatures, RS 818 universal applicator gun and as an option. Mrs 7010, adhesion promoter. This adhesion promoter is applied in areas that are hard to sand. Mrs 710 and he’s and promoter is applied with a spray gun using a 1.3 to 1 point for fluid tip. Allow the adhesion promoter to dry for 15 minutes then apply the bed liner step. 5. Shake the unopened container vigorously for approximately 30 seconds. This will allow the con tends to mix properly next shake the activator for a short time. Unscrew, the cap and pop the safety cap out pour the full contents of the activator into the bedliner container screw on the lid and shake again for approximately one minute. Activate one can, at a time activate shake spray. Remove the lid and thread the RS 818 Universal applicator gun onto the container, attach the air hose to the regulator and adjust for approximately 60 psi spray, a test pattern and adjust air pressure for proper spray pattern and texture required once you’re satisfied with the pattern. It’S time to start your truck bed project start with the front end of the truck first Fanning the spray back and forth watching for proper texture and coverage. Make sure that you’re, covering the hard-to-reach places and under the lip areas of the truck bed, while applying the bedliner coating overlap your spray pattern, 50 %? This will allow for proper coverage and keep you from going back to touch up. Don’T allow the container to completely empty while spraying the coating. This will allow the pattern to splatter causing a rougher texture. It will take four to five cans for a six-foot bed and five to six cans for an 8-foot bed depending on thickness applied when you’ve completed the front and side walls of the truck bed. You’Re, ready to complete the floor, walk back slowly, applying the bedliner coating and a left to right spray pattern, making sure that you are covering the truck bed properly and mixing new bedliner material as needed. Finally, start applying the bedliner coating to the tailgate use the same coverage pattern as previously mentioned, medallions bedliner coating can also be applied to wheel wells and underbody areas allowing for further protection from road hazards and harsh elements that may damage your vehicle after the truck bed Is cured for approximately one hour remove the paper and masking tape to check your results. Your truck bed has just gone from this to this in less than seven steps and the medallion refinish system offers all the tools you’ll need to complete the job with superior results.

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