How to paint a 4WD in Bed Liner

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Hey guys welcome to another episode of custom spray mods now in this video, I’m gon na paint this car in you Paul Raptor liner check it out. So this car was given to my dad for free to use on his farm and at the moment, looks a bit rough there’s a few different colored panels, a few little dents and the car just looks pretty boring. Actually, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to paint it in the you pile we’ll, wrap the liner, that’s going to give it a durable coating, it’s going to be nice and even it’s going to have like a satin finish as well and a Ripley Finish because wrapped alone is like a bed liner, a truck body liner, but basically you can spray it on anything. So paint on this car is actually its 2-pack, so we can just send it back and spray the raptor liner straight on and we’re going to do that now so check it out. The first thing to do before painting any car is to make sure it’s clean. I’M going to use a degreaser spread over the whole car and under the guides, then wash it off at least then I’ll know I’ll have a clean surface to work with once I’ve dried the car, I can start sanding, I’m gon na use 180 grit on an Orbital sander and send the whole car the plastics, the bumper bar everything I’m going to paint I’m using an air power tool. You can use an electric sander or you can do it by hand either way. The service needs to be scuffed up, so that the new paint can stick [ Music ]. Now that I’ve sanded all the large areas of the car and I’m gon na go around with the 180 grit and sand all the hard-to-reach places by hand that I couldn’t get with the machine. [ Music ] now going around the whole car cleaning it with wax and grease remover and getting ready for the next step. I’Ve got a few panels on the car that have some repairs and they have some bare metal showing. So I’m going to spray some EDD primer on there to help the Raptor line, a stick, I’m just spraying two coats of edge primer and that’s just to seal off the panel and make it so. I’Ve got a good barrier and some adhesion when I spray on the Raptor liner, so the car has been sanded and prepped. Now I’m gon na start masking it off. As you can see, I remove the headlights, the grille and the bumper bar now wasn’t going to do this because I wanted to do it quick, but it was quicker to just remove those parts than to mask them up now, I’m gon na go around the whole Car and mask everything up that I don’t want painted that means windows door, handles anything that I just couldn’t be bothered removing from the car. This is supposed to be a quick and cheap paint job, so I’m not gon na remove every little piece. Just gon na mask it up, so I can get the job done. Nice and quick, [, Music ]. The rap Delilah is great for the underbody of the car, so I’ve taken the wheels off and I’m gon na paint under the wheel arches as well. Just for some protection under there too, now I’m going to clean the car again with wax and grease remover spraying it on and wiping it off. This car is speed to different colors, the bottom half with all the plastics is going to be black. The top half is going to be a different color again, so I’m masking off the bottom half and I’m going to spray with you pole grip for this is an adhesion promoter. It’S going to help the paint stick to the plastic parts. You no need to spray about two light coats over all the areas that you’re painting wait. 10 minutes between coats then wait about 20 minutes before you start spraying your top coats on, because I’m spraying two different colors, I’m going to use the Raptor liner, tinta boleyn. This can be tinted to any color. You want, I’m also using the Raptor very spray gun which attaches straight to the Raptor liner bottles and allows you to change the texture of the surface with the nozzle. So now I need to put some tin into my Raptor liner bottles, because I’m using black, I’m just gon na use some black base coat. This is 2k base coat and you need to tend to 10 % in the bottle, there’s about 750 ml of product. So I’m going to put 75 mils of black throw up. The liner mixing ratio is about 3 to 1, so three parts wrapped up to one part hardener, so I’m going to put in about 250 mils of hardener then give the bottle a really good shake to make sure it’s all thoroughly mixed wrap the line, a very Spray gun screws straight onto the top of the bottle. Now it’s just a matter of testing the setup and then spraying the body spraying. This stuff is really easy and there’s no real method to it. I like to just spray all the hard-to-reach areas. First then, spray the larger parts and get nice even coverage. [ Music ], try and hold the spray gun a good distance back from the job and make sure you get even coverage and overlap. Your passes by 50 %, as you can see, there’s not much overspray, which is great because it means that I don’t have to do too much masking up. The Raptor sticks great two plastic parts, which means it’s good for exterior plastics and interior plastics. Basically, any surface can be sprayed with the right primer. I’M going to spray two coats of the block waiting about 45 minutes between coats. Once my last coat is done, I’m gon na unmask as soon as possible. Doing this will make sure you get nice clean edges. So I’m heading over to video, Auto paints and I’m getting the color I want matched. So my dad has a few fence panels and a shared painted this color. So he wants the car to be the same. Color I’m going to match it using the 2k base. Coat system, then I can tint my Raptor and then I’ll have the exact same color. He also had to have one of these stickers on the car. So before we start painting the Raptor, I’m going to put the sticker on the panel and then mask it up now, I’m gon na mask up hold the black areas, so I can spray my green. Even in this cold weather, the Raptor liner has dried nice and tough in just a few hours. A great little tip is to spray the grip for adhesion promoter around all the areas where you have masking. This is just going to make it so you get nice clean lines when you unmask that tape. Now that the car is all masked up and primed all in its do is mixing my tints. My hardener give the bottle a really good shake. Then I can put my gun on and start spraying [ Music ], I’m going to start by spraying the whole roof. Then I’ll move on to the tops of the doors and then the side panels the rear of the car and finish with the front. When painting this, I’m not just going to go spray over everything straightaway, I’m going to start spraying all the hard-to-reach areas, first, blocking all the door jams and around the windows, then I’ll spray. The larger panels in one sweeping motion, [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ] after about 45 minutes or when the pain is slightly still tacky. You can spray your second time, [, Music, ]. Now I’ve just finished my last coat, I’m gon na start unmasking straight away. Well, it’s still a little bit wet that way. I’Ll get some nice clean lines. When I peel off that tape, [ Music ] after about an hour or two, I can start putting the car back together. As you can see, the transformation is amazing. Well, there you go, we’ve got this car for free, it had mismatched panels. There was a few dents on it and it just looks sad and sorry, so we gave it a few coats of Raptor liner and now it looks like a brand new car. It’S got a tough, durable finish, it looks, it looks tough and I mean the Raptor liner really cleaned it up, just giving it new life. So it’s a great farm car and can’t wait to get it over to the farm and do some bashing with it. It’S a pretty easy job, just a matter of sanding it masking it up and then spraying the Raptor over the car and then once it’s dried. Basically, that’s it so yeah. I reckon there’s something you could easily do yourself. Get a few mates. Do your four wheel, drive or spray the inside of your bird or you can spray motorbike tank anything you want. The stuff sticks good and it looks good and it’s durable. So that’s a good combination. Well, that was it hope. You liked the episode thanks for watching. If you liked it hit the subscribe button and check out my Facebook page and Instagram and I’ll see you next time,

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