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Spray-In VS Drop-In Bedliners

You wouldn’t use your toothbrush without the proper toothpaste. In the same way that you shield your teeth daily from normal wear and tear, it is essential to protect the bed of your truck. According to Wikipedia, shielding the bed of the truck has been around since the beginning of the modern pickup truck in the 50s. Truck bedliners are an indispensable aspect of maintaining an optimal looking truck bed.

The hard part is, deciding whether a drop-in bedliner or a spray-in bedliner is the best choice for your truck needs. Let’s take a close look at both choices to see, which is the right choice for you.

Drop-In Bedliner

One of the principal things people use to make decisions about any investment is the cost. When operating on a budget, a drop-in bedliner is going to be the overall more affordable option in the short-term. The bedliner will come to you like a plastic sheet made of a polyethylene composite. It is a rigid structure which models the contours of your vehicle. It can be easily connected inside the truck bed, which is why it is referred to as a drop-in liner.

Many liners on the market today are designed to protect the entire bed of the truck. You’ll also be able to choose whether you want a style that goes under or over the rail at the top of the bed.

Advantages to a Drop-In Bedliner

When you are sliding items over your truck bed, a drop-in bedliner will allow the cargo to glide more natural. This makes loading and unloading of larger targets a snap. It is especially easy if you are working with a forklift on a regular basis.

A drop-in bedliner excels at protecting the truck bed from scratches, marks, and dings because it is a substance that sits over the truck bed. It is a great option to keep the truck bed in good form.

Installation of a drop-in liner is simple to replace and requires very little preparation. It can be done without the help of a professional. Most drop-in liners can be easily fastened to the truck with bolts, no drilling necessary. If your truck bed has some damage, this option will also conceal the troubled areas effectively.

Because of the ingenuousness of installation, you can easily restore the bedliner if it receives any destruction. Also, having to buy a new one won’t cost you much cash.

Finally, it is relatively simple to purchase a custom fit for your truck type, and many of them often come with a guarantee.

Disadvantages to a Drop-In Bedliner

If you spend time with truck enthusiasts, you’ll hear truck owners refer to drop-in bedliners as less rugged than a spray-in liner. This is a valid point for many reasons. First, water can become easily trapped between the steel and plastic in your bed. When this happens, it can lead to rust problems in the future.

They also tend to break or become unfixed over time. If you inadvertently snag the edge of the liner while transporting items around, you could end up pulling a portion of it up. This becomes nearly difficult to repair, and it will be more comfortable at that point to buy a new liner altogether.

Even though one of the pros of having a drop-in bedliner is that items can slide across the surface smoother, it is also a negative aspect as well. Your things will slide just as easy during transport making it hard to keep large objects stationery while in movement.

When you are driving down the highway, a synthetic liner can become quite noisy due to the wind and vibration. That same vibration also tends to loosen the liner from the truck bed over time. When this happens, you might be left with scratches or scuffs on the paint of the truck bed.

Spray-In Bedliner

The polyurethane or polyurea elastomer that is used in a spray-in bedliner makes this a more durable option, but it also comes with a more expensive price tag. Whether you refer to them as a sprayed-on, sprayed-in or spray-on bedliner, they all mean the same. The material used in spray-in bedliner is what is most often used on heavy equipment and even by the United States military.

Advantages to a Spray-In Bedliner

Using a spray-in liner gives you a durable option that won’t need to be replaced, even after many years of use. It is considered a once and done resolution. They don’t shift, break or even come out because the liner adheres to the bed instantly. This addresses one of the issues with drop-in bedliners because you can now block out water and dirt. Considering there is nowhere for the water to trap itself, you are preserving your truck from corrosion in the future.

Using a spray-in liner will also force objects to stay securely in place during movement. You won’t experience the same sliding issues that we looked at with the drop-in bedliners. You can also choose from different texture choices to suit your needs.

When you have a spray-in bedliner installed, it usually won’t take long to dry. You will be able to get back on the road in no time and enjoy your transportation. If you are going to be using it for heavy-duty goals, it is typically advised to wait about 24 hours.

A spray-in liner is found to be more aesthetically agreeable to the eye and is a good choice if you are concerned with the cosmetic look of your truck. It will not appear old and beat up like a drop-in liner can look over time.

Unlike the drop-in opportunities, you’ll find that the noise levels on the road is reduced when using a spray-in bedliner. Besides, you’ll be able to install this bedliner on your tailgate as well, which is a common area for scratches, nicks and missing paint.

If you are looking to improve the value of your vehicle, the spray-in liner will do just that! It is seen as an upgrade and will undoubtedly get the potential buyer pleased.

Which Choice Will You Make?

Overall, the decision is up to you, although for those truck owners who want a permanent and stable solution, the answer is a no-brainer. Are you looking for a low-cost option that will get you by for now, but potentially split and cause water damage? Like most characters, you’ll probably prefer the more permanent solution that will protect you from corrosion waste in the future. Whatever your views are, the trained professionals at ArmorThane are here to help. They are the only bedliner company we can say with one hundred percent guaranty that you will be a happy customer.

Contact ArmorThane today so they can help you find the bedliner that works perfectly with your truck.

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