Jeep Wrangler TJ Prep and Painting Firewall

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Hey stay from the redneck garage, I’m out in the driveway doing some stuff on the jeep today. For this video as a side note, I did get in my Schumacher, SLE 360 light that Jerry talked about, and I was actually able to use it on the call. The first day I got it, one of my wife’s missed calls. So take a look, so I got the light in thanks Jerry and I’m out here making a key, and I always had a hard time trying to hold a flashlight and read the key. As I read it, if you watch the other video about Jeep keys, this is how I make a key to it. I’M out on the JK actually making a key for it, and I have to read both sides of the key and I can just flip it over and I can see both sides of key, so that is super cool first day I got it. I get to use it awesome, so how cool is that man? This thing is super versatile. It actually lives up to its billing. It is really cool and I’m glad we bought it. It’S awesome now today, we’re gon na be talking about the Jeep and I’m gon na do something different, we’re going to start on a little bit of bank painting and bodywork, which is really my favorite thing rather than fixing frames yuck, the firewall section on the Jeep Has to be painted before we put the motor in and the motor should be done pretty soon, so we’re gon na be prepping and getting that ready for painting and we’re gon na be looking at some of this bedliner, which is really a pain in my butt. After you see it, so let’s go take a look at that, so the next thing that we need to paint and get ready and prepped and all that is this back firewall. It’S got a little bit of rust on it. Nothing that’s coming through, but you can see surface rust. It needs to be prepped and take off a few more pieces. So we can get this painted blue, like the trucks gon na, be because once the motor is in, that makes it much much harder to be able to do that and I’m picking something that I really love to do. To give me a break from working on the frame and all that grimy and askew stuff on the bottom, so that’s gon na be kind of my next thing is get this back. Firewall painted right and it’ll also show us the color of the paint, which is super cool. That’S going to be our emphasis to get this done quickly before the motor gets in okay, so I got wiring harness pulled back out of the way I got the plugs out. I’Ve got a mask on the inside of those holes there on the firewall and then just really clean the crap out of it we’ll be ready to paint this thing. So we got the cowl off to paint underneath this lip where it goes up, I’m not going to worry about underneath here, there’s a rubber gasket that goes up to the windshield and then the rest of this is green, underneath and there’s no big rust or anything. The drain was clogged up from a dirt governess or something so. I’Ve got that all cleaned out, so we’re gon na paint up basically to this lip here. Whatever you can see before you put, the cowl on is uh cuz, we’re gon na paint, but this other part inside you don’t need to worry about that. Just continue to clean. So what you would think would be a simple process of just wet sanding was not so simple. I actually had to use some xylene on the bedliner that some doofus had rolled on this truck and it actually would soften it up enough, where I can take a bondo, spreader and just kind of scrape it off and then take a scotch brite pad and then Scrub the rest of it off to clean off that surface. It was a pain in the butt and took a long time to get both sides to prep down, but I don’t have a lot of that to do, but I’m gon na have to do it all the way back down the side of the bed, because sanding Just doesn’t work well so to get this bedliner off, you can either sand it down to bare metal just about that’s what I had to get most of this off or you can use xylene and there’s Eileen seems to take it off fairly well without taking the Paint off the original paint, so that’s probably going what I’m going to do now. Thankfully, I don’t have a lot going back, alright, just from that rear section up to here and then the frame, because we’ve got new fenders new hood um, the doors were replacement doors. So they’re red they don’t have bedliner on them, realcare gates new. So that’s that’s. The biggest part is just going down here and then across the back there taking that xylene and getting this crap off and then, of course, it’ll have to be sanded, but so this stuff does not sand well at all, Lots Eileen does help to get it off And then you can start sanding once you get. You know the majority of it off, but you can see that the paint’s underneath there and hopefully hit it with a 150 DA and we’ll be good to go, but that’s some nasty, crap and all that’s really working towards this edge. So we can overspray a little bit on our blue paint and then do the bodywork over here after we’re done with that, but everything’s connected alright. So I’ve got this ground down for the most part, all the loose parts off and we’re going to use Eastwood, who doesn’t see me anything for free because they’re too cheap. But even though I endorse their products, this is really some good stuff. So I’m going to spray all the exposed metal with the rust, encapsulator and it’ll encapsulate that rust and keep it from coming back as the very bottom base coat. But man, this stuff works great. You can remember, we used it on the skid plate and because this isn’t seen you’re not really too worried about. You know the finish itself. You just don’t want the rust to come back through completely, so we’ll treat any of those little rough spots that are on here, which looks really good right there right and then we’re then yeah Randy said right and then we’re basically ready to. I don’t know I’m not gon na prime it because it doesn’t have to sand it, but I will I’m just gon na shoot it over this stuff. Awesome! Ok, that’s gon na be into today’s video to be continued. Next video is actually going to be applying the paint how it turns out looking so stay tuned to the redneck garage. I’Ve got a lot of cool videos coming up. As far as like some tool reviews, the Milwaukee impact, I’m going to be using my sharp spray gun, which is super cool, I’m loving this weather – I tell you so in a couple days, you’ll be able to see the first paint applied to the TJ and what That’S gon na look like I’m gon na go on in and do some paperwork anyway. I’M David from the redneck garage keep turning wrenches. You

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